The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

Its been another day without seeing much more of the sky than those gray clouds that keep covering it. I miss the stars even if they are not the stars of my own planet. Those damn chickens the neighbor brought are are getting on my nerves. There noisy and they smell. I suggested to the servants that they find somewhere further down the mountain to put there pen so we don't have to hear or smell them but the servants have told me it puts them at greater risk of wildcats. Perhaps I can ask the advice of some of the local farmers. Maybe if I talk to the old men they won't think I am quiet so strange.

I should invite the Guardian in with me tonight. I could use some company and the servants don't make the greatest conversation. I really must start doing something to keep me occupied in this strange place. My life is dull and boring and I need to do something interesting. The guardian thinks there are some very strange humans in this town. He says some of them cast spells like the Witches of my home planets and some of theme even drink the blood of there own species and never die. He says humans like this are very rare on this planet and its strange to see them congregating together in such a place. Now we have added our alien selves to the mix. There must be something strange about this place that has caused so many people to come together like this.


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