The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

That damn woman who gave us the chickens must be up to something. The people in town call her a Barfly because she is always picking up men at bars and having them pay her bills. Since fly's are insects that are attracted to smelly things I guess calling her a bar fly means she is like an insect attracted to smelly things at bar's. I have taken to walking in the forest at night and I know she is following me She cannot possible suspect anything. . . Can She? So I only come out when the light is dim or absent and my complexion is slightly blue and my hair almost white. Last evening it was cold and raining and while I prefer ice to rain I still miss the cold terrible. I slipped into one of my sparkling, flowing, princess gowns and put a crown of moon crystal in my hair and took to the trail.

Everything was dark, silvery, and beautiful . . . and wet. My hem was soon waterlogged and dragging the ground. I didn't care though. I was really enjoying myself when I caught site of her watching me. I immediately headed back to the ship and I am sure that she followed. I can't even begin to imagine what SHE was doing out there in the cold and the rain unless it was to spy on me. Humans aren't supposed to like the cold and the rain. Right??


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