The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

Enikk returned last night shortly after the rain started. He was drenched and cold and refused to acknowledge my existence once again. I vented my frustration by going into my dressing room and having Ship generate a series of gowns in fashions I would have worn on Ice. I picked out a pale silver gown that was long and flowing and trimmed in crystals that cast rainbows off of the hem and cuffs. Then I tricked the ship and left.

I walked in the cold rain and flashing lightening with the forest ripping at the long gown and my hair. It wasn't long before I was in tatters again.

The Barfly was far from quiet as she followed. I hid behind a huge rock sticking out of the ground and waited for her to pass before stepping out and shoving her hard into the mud.

"Bitch!" she screamed.

"Slut!" I answered.

"Hey we all gotta make a living . . . Unlike ya'll up there on the hill. Ya'll ain't no city people. Ya'll ain't Yankees either. Ain't no one going to move to Pelsor Arkansas less they hyden somethin or from somebody."

"We are none of your business! No one will believe you!"

"No one never believes me. I'm smarter than everyone thanks and I notice things other people don't. I know no one is gonna believe me."

"So why do you follow me? It won't do you any good to learn anything about us."

"We got lots of strange things living in these mountains. We got witches in these hills and vampires. I just like to know who my neighbors are and yer are my neighbors even if I don't like it none."

"So your following me in the dark, in a storm, just for that? I'm not the only one hiding something Barfly."

"Don't call me that. I got a name. Its Lurette. Your Ethreely, right?"

"I'm not sure if I want to be exchanging names with you." I said still standing over her. I tuck a hand out for her to grab, careful not to grip hard enough to crush or hand or give her any clue to my alien strength, "But I can at least help you out of the mud."


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