The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

I tried to get The Guardians attention last night. He was sitting my one of the ships big round windows that faces west watching while the big storms came in across the mountains. He was sipping coffee. I just stood behind him for a while watching the lightening silhouette his face and body. He has more muscle than the men of ice, but he is a slave.

I stood there for several minutes being as quiet as I could just watching him sip coffee and breath. It made me feel . . . Something. I don't have a name for it. I wanted something I couldn't put my finger on.

I finally walked up to him.

"Do you have any news of Ice or my family Enikk. Ship won't tell me anything."

"Ship is protecting you. Your family no longer lives on the Ice. The ones who are not dead have left the planet like you or are now slaves to the Peasants of the uprising. Ship compared it to something called the "French Revolution" that occurred in Earths history."

"We can never go home, can we?"

"It would probably be wise to concentrate on the present for now Ethreely."

I found myself standing there not knowing what else to say. I knew things on The Ice were bad when we left and I had my doubts about the royal still being together or even being able to return. None of these things were a shock to me. I could only stand here staring at him as the lightening hit his face not knowing what else to say.

Then he looked at me in a way that made my heart seem to stop beating for just a moment.

"I'm sorry Ethreely." he said.

I just stood there with my words stuck in my throat. Then he put his coffee cup down on the window sill, stood up, and put his arms around me. I was crushed up against the warm cotton that covered his chest. I wrapped my arms around him . . . At least I tried to, they wouldn't reach all the way around. I inhaled his scent deeply and I guess he noticed this because he raised my face to his with his hand and looked into my eyes for several minutes and me into his. The light reflecting in my eyes made two round dots on his skin. He leaned down and very very gently touched his lips to mine.

I could died at that moment and been completely satisfied and would have never known why. I also could have melted into a puddle in the floor too. I think I would have if he hadn't wrapped his other arm around me crushing me close to him and then kissed me again, even deeper.

Then he suddenly stopped and let me go.

"Ethreely I'm sorry."

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. "Why." I said. "I'm not."

"I should not have done that."

"Do you hear me complaining Enikk."

At that moment Ship made the announcement that the evening meal was served and Enikk left the room without a word. He avoided me for the rest of the night. He got up before sunset today and left on the motorcycle. Ship said I am forbidden to leave. She has seen the Barfly on the infrared cameras prowling around on our mountain. I know how to sneak out and I think I may. There is something about the mountains and the woods that helps me clear my head and I need to think.


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