The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

My Guardian is concerned about the Barfly following me in the woods. I really don't think anyone would believe her if she told them we were Aliens. Guardian told them we were from the city and for some reason they just assumed we were something called a "Yankee". I don't know what that is but none of us bothered to tell them we weren't.

I wasn't all that worried about her, after all the gravity on Gliese is much stronger than here on earth so each one of us has what most Earthlings would call Super Strength. I could probably crush ones bones with one hand, but many of the people here carry guns and I do not think I could out run a bullet. I may venture out anyway. If such a situation had risen on my home planet I would just have one of my servants distract him so I could get away but they seem to be following his orders these days. If I ever get back to Gliese I'm going to have sell all of my servants off and replace them. I should sell the Guardian as well . . But . . . He did save my life. I was on my way to being cut into pieces by Goddess only knows what when he came flying in on an Jelly Horse to rescue me.

I will never forget the way he looked with his honey colored hair flying in the cold night wind when he came charging in on a Jelly Horse and whipped me right out of there clutches and off into the endless night. They were dragging me naked across the ice and I was half frozen. My limbs were so stiff from the cold I never could have gotten away on my own. He opened his furs and clutched my freezing body to his chest to keep me warm enough to survive while he searched for the hidden tunnels that held the royal escape ships. My servants were already there waiting for us.
He brought us all here to this place.

He has been distant since that night. I would like to be able to forget how it felt and smelled to be held so tightly against him as we rode through the icy darkness. I have found myself wishing I was in danger again just so I could have the chance to be clutched against his chest again.


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