The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

Night has fallen on these strange mountains again. I am sitting in my bedroom watching a movie called "The Beverly Hillbillies" while my servants and bodyguard Enikk pack for a trip we are taking to a place called Hot Springs. Enikk has gotten attached to a device called a motorcycle and there having some sort of "Rally" there over the next few days for earthlings who ride them and he insists that I go with him. I guess it would be for the best. Its not wise for us to be apart.

I do miss my home planet. I will have to talk about it a little bit later this evening. I really do not have much else to do, but now I have to check and make sure there packing the appropriate things. According to Enikk my long gowns are not appropriate for riding on the back of such devices.


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