The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

Its nearly dawn here in the Ozarks. The night is cool on my skin and full sounds. I'll be going to bed soon. Its been a long dull night. We've been watching TV most of the night. I guess there aren't enough people awake on this planet at night to bother playing anything on interest. I did watch a rather sad movie about a bunch of young women who dance on poles on a stage and took there clothes off. Right now I am watching a movie called "Queen of the Damned" while waiting for my morning meal to cook. Were having fried plant roots called Potatoes and cooked chicken Embryo's.

One of the towns people here brought us a whole bunch of chickens. She insisted that she had hatched to many and thought we "city folk" might enjoy trying to raise chickens and eggs for ourselves. The darn things are crowing outside right now. I hope they stop soon.

I think it had more to do with trying to get a better look at me. I stayed behind Enikk and did not speak other than to say thank-you but she kept trying to peek around him to get a better look. But I think it obvious to everyone here that my ladies in waiting and my Guardian are here to serve me instead of being friends as Enikk has tried to tell everyone. I also look very different from most people on this planet. Enikk and the others are half breed or from the light side of the planet and have the same coloring as humans here do . . . but I do not. My complexion is a lot like people on this planet that are Albino but not nearly as pink. Its actually tinged slightly blue. My eyes are pale ice blue and because my kind have lived in darkness for so long they have developed the ability to reflect light and allow my kind to have knight vision. My hair is very long, nearly to my knees and my eyes are the same silvery, pale, blue gray as the ice at night.


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