The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

According to the man at the fueling station not far from here it was not a very hot day for this time of gear at all but its still much hotter than I like. I truly wish my Guardian would have chosen a cooler part of the planet to land our ship but he insists that were less likely to be discovered here. According to the ships computer the cooler part of this planets year is approaching. The leaves on the trees are supposed to change colors.

The leaves on the day side of Gliese are colored all of the time. Our orange sun does not provide them with enough light to create the stuff that makes the leaves on the plants of Earth green. We people of the ice did not travel to the day side of the planet because the bright light of the sun is so hard on our eyes. The light here is hard on my eyes to but as time has passed we have begun to adjust. We still cannot go out during the heat of the day but we can venture out when the sun is low in the sky. We sleep most of the day.


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