The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

I was a princess on the planet which scientists of Earth call Gliese 581d. My planet does not spin like Earth does. Its always sunny on one side and always night on the other. I come from the nice side of the planet or as we called it in English simply "Ice". I was the daughter of a king there and lived in tall pointy castle made of ice. I had a happy life full of luxuries there. Then the peasants of the kingdom attacked. Ice peasants are a nasty bunch of igloo dwellers who eat the same Jelly Horses they ride on as well as many other light bearing creatures from the Snow Deserts they live on. I guess we should have been kinder to them of we would not be hiding on Earth now. I am told that they continue to hunt for my location and the location of the other Royals who fled from ice. I can only hope that they will not find me here.

Its much hotter on this planet than I am used to and I am having a difficult time adjusting to the bright yellow sun that shines on us once every earth rotation but I am adjusting. We feel safe enough in our new home to venture out and meet the inhabitants of Earth Now. I didn't think our journey could get much stranger . . . I was wrong.


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