The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

Its been another day without seeing much more of the sky than those gray clouds that keep covering it. I miss the stars even if they are not the stars of my own planet. Those damn chickens the neighbor brought are are getting on my nerves. There noisy and they smell. I suggested to the servants that they find somewhere further down the mountain to put there pen so we don't have to hear or smell them but the servants have told me it puts them at greater risk of wildcats. Perhaps I can ask the advice of some of the local farmers. Maybe if I talk to the old men they won't think I am quiet so strange.

I should invite the Guardian in with me tonight. I could use some company and the servants don't make the greatest conversation. I really must start doing something to keep me occupied in this strange place. My life is dull and boring and I need to do something interesting. The guardian thinks there are some very strange humans in this town. He says some of them cast spells like the Witches of my home planets and some of theme even drink the blood of there own species and never die. He says humans like this are very rare on this planet and its strange to see them congregating together in such a place. Now we have added our alien selves to the mix. There must be something strange about this place that has caused so many people to come together like this.

Its raining in the mountains tonight. There is lightening in the sky and loud booming thunder as well as large volumes of water falling from the sky. Its strange because it does not rain in Ice. It only snows and it does not do that much of the time. There was fog this morning too. It was kind of pretty though. Although the rain is strange I have found it to be very peaceful as well. I have a long night to look forward to with nothing to do. Maybe I will sneak away from my guardian tonight and take a walk in this cool wet weather. I do think the cold water hitting my skin would be rather stimulating.

Its nearly dawn here in the Ozarks. The night is cool on my skin and full sounds. I'll be going to bed soon. Its been a long dull night. We've been watching TV most of the night. I guess there aren't enough people awake on this planet at night to bother playing anything on interest. I did watch a rather sad movie about a bunch of young women who dance on poles on a stage and took there clothes off. Right now I am watching a movie called "Queen of the Damned" while waiting for my morning meal to cook. Were having fried plant roots called Potatoes and cooked chicken Embryo's.

One of the towns people here brought us a whole bunch of chickens. She insisted that she had hatched to many and thought we "city folk" might enjoy trying to raise chickens and eggs for ourselves. The darn things are crowing outside right now. I hope they stop soon.

I think it had more to do with trying to get a better look at me. I stayed behind Enikk and did not speak other than to say thank-you but she kept trying to peek around him to get a better look. But I think it obvious to everyone here that my ladies in waiting and my Guardian are here to serve me instead of being friends as Enikk has tried to tell everyone. I also look very different from most people on this planet. Enikk and the others are half breed or from the light side of the planet and have the same coloring as humans here do . . . but I do not. My complexion is a lot like people on this planet that are Albino but not nearly as pink. Its actually tinged slightly blue. My eyes are pale ice blue and because my kind have lived in darkness for so long they have developed the ability to reflect light and allow my kind to have knight vision. My hair is very long, nearly to my knees and my eyes are the same silvery, pale, blue gray as the ice at night.

This weekend at the Bike Rally in Hots Springs that "The Guardian" forced me to attend I learned about something called "Pole Dancing" I can home and found this video on Youtube. I really really want to learn how to do this. I'm not sure if its how beautiful they look on the pole or the way the men watch them.

I have already had "Ship" order me a pole to learn to dance with.

I also learned that the person riding on the back of the motorcycle is called "The Bitch" which is another name for a female dog. While I had a very good time riding on the back of the motorcycle I do have a problem with being called a female dog. I will have to decide if I dislike being called a "Bitch" more than I enjoy riding on the back of a motorcycle.

While I didn't want to go in the beginning I did have quiet a good time. It was nice to be able to get away from the ship and the isolation of the mountains and see some of the other things Earth has to offer.

Night has fallen on these strange mountains again. I am sitting in my bedroom watching a movie called "The Beverly Hillbillies" while my servants and bodyguard Enikk pack for a trip we are taking to a place called Hot Springs. Enikk has gotten attached to a device called a motorcycle and there having some sort of "Rally" there over the next few days for earthlings who ride them and he insists that I go with him. I guess it would be for the best. Its not wise for us to be apart.

I do miss my home planet. I will have to talk about it a little bit later this evening. I really do not have much else to do, but now I have to check and make sure there packing the appropriate things. According to Enikk my long gowns are not appropriate for riding on the back of such devices.

According to the man at the fueling station not far from here it was not a very hot day for this time of gear at all but its still much hotter than I like. I truly wish my Guardian would have chosen a cooler part of the planet to land our ship but he insists that were less likely to be discovered here. According to the ships computer the cooler part of this planets year is approaching. The leaves on the trees are supposed to change colors.

The leaves on the day side of Gliese are colored all of the time. Our orange sun does not provide them with enough light to create the stuff that makes the leaves on the plants of Earth green. We people of the ice did not travel to the day side of the planet because the bright light of the sun is so hard on our eyes. The light here is hard on my eyes to but as time has passed we have begun to adjust. We still cannot go out during the heat of the day but we can venture out when the sun is low in the sky. We sleep most of the day.

I was a princess on the planet which scientists of Earth call Gliese 581d. My planet does not spin like Earth does. Its always sunny on one side and always night on the other. I come from the nice side of the planet or as we called it in English simply "Ice". I was the daughter of a king there and lived in tall pointy castle made of ice. I had a happy life full of luxuries there. Then the peasants of the kingdom attacked. Ice peasants are a nasty bunch of igloo dwellers who eat the same Jelly Horses they ride on as well as many other light bearing creatures from the Snow Deserts they live on. I guess we should have been kinder to them of we would not be hiding on Earth now. I am told that they continue to hunt for my location and the location of the other Royals who fled from ice. I can only hope that they will not find me here.

Its much hotter on this planet than I am used to and I am having a difficult time adjusting to the bright yellow sun that shines on us once every earth rotation but I am adjusting. We feel safe enough in our new home to venture out and meet the inhabitants of Earth Now. I didn't think our journey could get much stranger . . . I was wrong.