The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

I walked the Barfly Lurette home the other night. We sat around her kitchen table in her peculiar old house and talked for hours. She drank alcohol and I had coffee. We talked about her multiple boyfriends and we talked about Enikk and his strange behavior. We even talked about my servants that leave the ship a few times a month to go to some of the same bars spends her time in picking up men. She insisted Enikk was angry with himself for showing me his feelings for me because he didn't think they would be returned.

I couldn't tell her anything about us. She did ask a lot of questions which about where we are from that I cannot answer. She eventually passed out. I lay her on the coach and covered her up before leaving and walked home in the rain.

To my surprise everyone actually noticed I was gone, including Enikk who was furious with me. I was just thrilled that he actually noticed me. He took me into one of the ships empty rooms and yelled at me with angry dramatic hand motions. At one point he grabbed my arms and shook my angrily pressing me backwards until my lower back was against a chair in the room. He kept pressing back and I couldn't go any further. Our bodies were pressed against each other . I could feel the heat from the organ between his legs and the firmness of it. At some point he stopped yelling at me and started kissing me. His lips were warm on my cold skin and they seemed to be everywhere. On my lips and my neck and the exposed skin on my chest. He lifted me effortlessly onto a table and pushed the wet folds on my dress high around my waist and ground himself between my legs. A throaty groan rose in his throat that I matched with my own. I reach down to open the front of his pants and was about to slide my hand inside when he suddenly pulled away.

I wanted all of him right then and I reached out and grabbed handfuls of his shirt but the fabric slipped through my fingers and he left the room leaving me there on the table with my skirt bunched up around my hips.

We are back to the distance again. I stare at him longingly over the table during morning and evening meals. Sometimes I catch him watching me but he looks away quickly. Lurrette has come back to visit. Despite every ones objections I invited her into the ship and spent a few hours in the eating room sitting around the table with my ladies in waiting talking. Lurrette had them talking more openly in front of me than they ever have. It was a real pleasure to be included in a conversation among other women for a change. I haven't got to enjoy that since leaving Gliese. I also learned that two of my 5 ladies in waiting male friends that they are developing relationships with. I suggested that they invite them to the ship as well.


The taste of something sweet yet dangerous excites and trembles my veins. This story is almost like having bitten a red and succulent apple and had me spit it out. Only, the remaining fruit would be left to be shared with new company.

How sweet it is to feel such wants yet bury your deepest desires in the bottom of your guts.

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