The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

Its been a little while since my last post. I've been recovering from my most recent act of stupidity. I should listen to Lurette next time she warns me about danger. She was right about the full moon and the Werewolves. I thought she was making fun of me somehow by telling me a creature that others think doesn't exist was real, but she was telling the truth.

It was dusk. The colors of the setting sun were still on the horizon. I am getting used to the light just like Ship said I would. I was alone once again as Enikk and my ladies in waiting seem to prefer to keep there distance. I watched a popular movie called Twilight which made me depressed. Watching Edward and Bella fall in love made my chest heart the same way it does when Enikk avoids me. I have had Ship check me out but she swears there is nothing wrong with me.

I put on blue jeans and an ethereal white Gliese shirt with long flowing sleeves and fabric that shone iridescent in any light and a pair of Earth shoes called Sneakies or something like that and walked out onto the ships top deck to watch what was left of the dusk slide away.

The full moon rose on the opposite horizon, a small golden globe hanging in a violet sky. The moon here seems to have a pull on the things on this planet. It controls the tides and effects the moods of the creatures living on it. It pulls me too. That night it pulled me to slide easily down the slick sides of Ship and take off into the woods before anyone could stop me.

The moon rose higher and the violet dusk slipped away as I walked farther and farther from my home and the protection Enikk provided. I was hypnotized by its silvery light so similar to the light of my home planet. The wind blew through the trees stirring up the dead leaves which made the most beautiful rustling sound complimented by wonderfully creaking trees. I was so enchanted by this moonlight night in Earth's late Autumn that I didn't even notice the sound of wolves howling.

When I saw the pack of half human half wolf creatures come crashing through the trees at me snarling with muzzles soaked with blood from a recent kill I nearly wet myself. I am stronger and faster than an Earthing but if they had not recently eaten I don't think I would have been able to get away. I was also fortunate that I had chosen to wear bluejeans instead of the Gliesian gowns I have been wearing into the woods or they would have made an easy dessert. I ran as fast I could through the forest, back toward the ship but there was no loosing them.

There is a huge tree in the forest with roots that stuck up above the ground that are as thick as my waist. I grabbed its trunk and desperately began to climb but not fast enough. A set of claws thicker than a large mans fingers attached to half wolf, half human hand sank into my upper thigh and ripped through the skin all the way to my ankle. I kicked out and felt bones crunch underneath my foot.

I reached the safety of a limb that was wider than my body and only then did I look down at the wolves. They jumped up the trunk after me but were unable to climb it. There claws stripped away chunks of the trees bark. The one I must have kicked was away from the others pawing at his broken snout.

I was bleeding heavily and had no idea how to stop it. They didn't exactly teach first aid to members of the Royal Family. We were never supposed to be in harms way and we were never without servants who knew what to do should accidents happen.

I'm not sure how long I was there or when the wolves left. I eventually passed out. I struggled when I left myself lifted off the limb of the tree sure I was falling down to the wolves. I felt the Earth beneath me and felt strong arms pin me down. I did not have the strength to fight. I heard Enikk's voice and the voices of my ladies in waiting and one that I did not recognize.

When I woke up I was in the ships hospital room on the hard examining table. My leg was stiffly bandaged and I felt as if I had been run over by a herd of Jelly horses.

There was arguing in the background. It was Enikk and someone else I didn't know. I heard the unfamilar voice say something about blood spilled at her tree and a life force connection. I weakly called his name and he came into the room. He stroked my forehead tenderly and took my hand in his.
"Your safe Ethreely. That was a stupid thing to do." he said "I almost lost you."
"It got you to be near me again. Maybe I should get into trouble more often ."
"If all it takes to keep you safe is having me near I will glue myself to your side."
"I would rather you were there because you wanted to be."
"Shhh, we can talk about this later, you don't need to worry about that now."
"Good morning Ethreely," the strange voice said.
An Earth woman stood in the doorway wearing a glistening peacock green hooded cloak. She had tanned skin and eyes as green as her cloak. Wisps of curling golden red hair framed her face.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"I'm Kimimela." she said.
"Hu?" I answered
She sighed and let her shoulders droop as if she had to repeat her name a lot, "You can just call me Kim. You and I have some things to discuss, but you should rest for now. They can wait for a little while.
"Kim saved you." Enikk said through gritted teeth.
"Werewolves are not the only thing prowling these mountains on full moons. Your lucky I came along. You would have bled to death long before the moon set. It my Coven's tree you took shelter in. The wolves fear Witches in groups."
"Tha . .
"You can thank me later, when you are recovered. Unlike your kind I must sleep at night and I need my rest."
I looked at Enikk and he nodded.
"Of don't blame Enikk, its not his fault. Not even vampires bleed blue Ethreely."
She patted my hand and turned to leave. I felt a tingling sensation where her skin touched mine. It was not unpleasant, just a strange lingering feeling.

Its been 7 days since the full moon and I am doing much better. I seem to heal faster on this planet. It may be something else involving the decreased gravity. Lurette has taken to calling me Super Woman. I will have to look that up later and find out what she is talking about.