The Alien Princess

And the Hillbillies

Its been a little while since my last post. I've been recovering from my most recent act of stupidity. I should listen to Lurette next time she warns me about danger. She was right about the full moon and the Werewolves. I thought she was making fun of me somehow by telling me a creature that others think doesn't exist was real, but she was telling the truth.

It was dusk. The colors of the setting sun were still on the horizon. I am getting used to the light just like Ship said I would. I was alone once again as Enikk and my ladies in waiting seem to prefer to keep there distance. I watched a popular movie called Twilight which made me depressed. Watching Edward and Bella fall in love made my chest heart the same way it does when Enikk avoids me. I have had Ship check me out but she swears there is nothing wrong with me.

I put on blue jeans and an ethereal white Gliese shirt with long flowing sleeves and fabric that shone iridescent in any light and a pair of Earth shoes called Sneakies or something like that and walked out onto the ships top deck to watch what was left of the dusk slide away.

The full moon rose on the opposite horizon, a small golden globe hanging in a violet sky. The moon here seems to have a pull on the things on this planet. It controls the tides and effects the moods of the creatures living on it. It pulls me too. That night it pulled me to slide easily down the slick sides of Ship and take off into the woods before anyone could stop me.

The moon rose higher and the violet dusk slipped away as I walked farther and farther from my home and the protection Enikk provided. I was hypnotized by its silvery light so similar to the light of my home planet. The wind blew through the trees stirring up the dead leaves which made the most beautiful rustling sound complimented by wonderfully creaking trees. I was so enchanted by this moonlight night in Earth's late Autumn that I didn't even notice the sound of wolves howling.

When I saw the pack of half human half wolf creatures come crashing through the trees at me snarling with muzzles soaked with blood from a recent kill I nearly wet myself. I am stronger and faster than an Earthing but if they had not recently eaten I don't think I would have been able to get away. I was also fortunate that I had chosen to wear bluejeans instead of the Gliesian gowns I have been wearing into the woods or they would have made an easy dessert. I ran as fast I could through the forest, back toward the ship but there was no loosing them.

There is a huge tree in the forest with roots that stuck up above the ground that are as thick as my waist. I grabbed its trunk and desperately began to climb but not fast enough. A set of claws thicker than a large mans fingers attached to half wolf, half human hand sank into my upper thigh and ripped through the skin all the way to my ankle. I kicked out and felt bones crunch underneath my foot.

I reached the safety of a limb that was wider than my body and only then did I look down at the wolves. They jumped up the trunk after me but were unable to climb it. There claws stripped away chunks of the trees bark. The one I must have kicked was away from the others pawing at his broken snout.

I was bleeding heavily and had no idea how to stop it. They didn't exactly teach first aid to members of the Royal Family. We were never supposed to be in harms way and we were never without servants who knew what to do should accidents happen.

I'm not sure how long I was there or when the wolves left. I eventually passed out. I struggled when I left myself lifted off the limb of the tree sure I was falling down to the wolves. I felt the Earth beneath me and felt strong arms pin me down. I did not have the strength to fight. I heard Enikk's voice and the voices of my ladies in waiting and one that I did not recognize.

When I woke up I was in the ships hospital room on the hard examining table. My leg was stiffly bandaged and I felt as if I had been run over by a herd of Jelly horses.

There was arguing in the background. It was Enikk and someone else I didn't know. I heard the unfamilar voice say something about blood spilled at her tree and a life force connection. I weakly called his name and he came into the room. He stroked my forehead tenderly and took my hand in his.
"Your safe Ethreely. That was a stupid thing to do." he said "I almost lost you."
"It got you to be near me again. Maybe I should get into trouble more often ."
"If all it takes to keep you safe is having me near I will glue myself to your side."
"I would rather you were there because you wanted to be."
"Shhh, we can talk about this later, you don't need to worry about that now."
"Good morning Ethreely," the strange voice said.
An Earth woman stood in the doorway wearing a glistening peacock green hooded cloak. She had tanned skin and eyes as green as her cloak. Wisps of curling golden red hair framed her face.
"Who are you?" I asked.
"I'm Kimimela." she said.
"Hu?" I answered
She sighed and let her shoulders droop as if she had to repeat her name a lot, "You can just call me Kim. You and I have some things to discuss, but you should rest for now. They can wait for a little while.
"Kim saved you." Enikk said through gritted teeth.
"Werewolves are not the only thing prowling these mountains on full moons. Your lucky I came along. You would have bled to death long before the moon set. It my Coven's tree you took shelter in. The wolves fear Witches in groups."
"Tha . .
"You can thank me later, when you are recovered. Unlike your kind I must sleep at night and I need my rest."
I looked at Enikk and he nodded.
"Of don't blame Enikk, its not his fault. Not even vampires bleed blue Ethreely."
She patted my hand and turned to leave. I felt a tingling sensation where her skin touched mine. It was not unpleasant, just a strange lingering feeling.

Its been 7 days since the full moon and I am doing much better. I seem to heal faster on this planet. It may be something else involving the decreased gravity. Lurette has taken to calling me Super Woman. I will have to look that up later and find out what she is talking about.

I am sitting on the roof of our ship in a thing called a lawn chair watching this planets only moon set on the horizon in the deliciously cold night air and sipping on something my Lady in Waiting Glenditta made called Egg Drop Soup. The soup is warm and actually very good. The moon is crescent shaped and will be full soon. Its cold enough that I am able to wrap up in the warmer kinds of clothing closer to what I would have worn in Gliese and its making me a little home sick tonight. Since our planet didn't spin like this one does our night was eternal but it was never as dark as this planets nights can be. The great Gas Giant that Earth scientists call Gliese 777A and that we called Mother of Rings dominated our sky most of the year. Her surface was covered in white/blue clouds through which you could see constant flashes of lightening. The light she reflected from our red sun also reflected on the icy surface of our side of the planet and kept our nights well lit.

It is nice to have made a new friend in the barlfy Lurette but I think she was making fun of me the other day. She made up this ridiculous story about needing to stay out of the woods on the full moon because there would be Werewolves in the woods. I looked up Werewolves on this thing on the world wide web called Wikipedia and a Werewolf is a mythological or folkloric human with the ability to shape shift into a wolf or an anthropomorphic wolf-like creature, either purposely, by being bitten or scratched by another werewolf, or after being placed under a curse. The word "mythological" did not escape my attention. Maybe she thinks trying to get me to believe such things is funny. It certainly won't stop me from going out on a full moon. I don't see why it would bother her. She doesn't know what I am but she knows I'm not human.

Enikk has remained distant. When I think of that moment between us when he pushed my skirt up on my hips and ground himself between my legs with so much desire I find myself having to touch myself in ways that I wish he would. I've found myself having to do that several times lately. I keep hoping he will catch me and finish what I have started but he never does.

Its getting colder now and I am able to spend more time outdoors. The leaves on the trees are turning color. Ship says this is the way of things here. It makes these mountains look purple in the distance and its pretty to look at but it also makes me a little sad. There is so much life on this planet, its sad to know that so much of it dies every year.

I walked the Barfly Lurette home the other night. We sat around her kitchen table in her peculiar old house and talked for hours. She drank alcohol and I had coffee. We talked about her multiple boyfriends and we talked about Enikk and his strange behavior. We even talked about my servants that leave the ship a few times a month to go to some of the same bars spends her time in picking up men. She insisted Enikk was angry with himself for showing me his feelings for me because he didn't think they would be returned.

I couldn't tell her anything about us. She did ask a lot of questions which about where we are from that I cannot answer. She eventually passed out. I lay her on the coach and covered her up before leaving and walked home in the rain.

To my surprise everyone actually noticed I was gone, including Enikk who was furious with me. I was just thrilled that he actually noticed me. He took me into one of the ships empty rooms and yelled at me with angry dramatic hand motions. At one point he grabbed my arms and shook my angrily pressing me backwards until my lower back was against a chair in the room. He kept pressing back and I couldn't go any further. Our bodies were pressed against each other . I could feel the heat from the organ between his legs and the firmness of it. At some point he stopped yelling at me and started kissing me. His lips were warm on my cold skin and they seemed to be everywhere. On my lips and my neck and the exposed skin on my chest. He lifted me effortlessly onto a table and pushed the wet folds on my dress high around my waist and ground himself between my legs. A throaty groan rose in his throat that I matched with my own. I reach down to open the front of his pants and was about to slide my hand inside when he suddenly pulled away.

I wanted all of him right then and I reached out and grabbed handfuls of his shirt but the fabric slipped through my fingers and he left the room leaving me there on the table with my skirt bunched up around my hips.

We are back to the distance again. I stare at him longingly over the table during morning and evening meals. Sometimes I catch him watching me but he looks away quickly. Lurrette has come back to visit. Despite every ones objections I invited her into the ship and spent a few hours in the eating room sitting around the table with my ladies in waiting talking. Lurrette had them talking more openly in front of me than they ever have. It was a real pleasure to be included in a conversation among other women for a change. I haven't got to enjoy that since leaving Gliese. I also learned that two of my 5 ladies in waiting male friends that they are developing relationships with. I suggested that they invite them to the ship as well.

Enikk returned last night shortly after the rain started. He was drenched and cold and refused to acknowledge my existence once again. I vented my frustration by going into my dressing room and having Ship generate a series of gowns in fashions I would have worn on Ice. I picked out a pale silver gown that was long and flowing and trimmed in crystals that cast rainbows off of the hem and cuffs. Then I tricked the ship and left.

I walked in the cold rain and flashing lightening with the forest ripping at the long gown and my hair. It wasn't long before I was in tatters again.

The Barfly was far from quiet as she followed. I hid behind a huge rock sticking out of the ground and waited for her to pass before stepping out and shoving her hard into the mud.

"Bitch!" she screamed.

"Slut!" I answered.

"Hey we all gotta make a living . . . Unlike ya'll up there on the hill. Ya'll ain't no city people. Ya'll ain't Yankees either. Ain't no one going to move to Pelsor Arkansas less they hyden somethin or from somebody."

"We are none of your business! No one will believe you!"

"No one never believes me. I'm smarter than everyone thanks and I notice things other people don't. I know no one is gonna believe me."

"So why do you follow me? It won't do you any good to learn anything about us."

"We got lots of strange things living in these mountains. We got witches in these hills and vampires. I just like to know who my neighbors are and yer are my neighbors even if I don't like it none."

"So your following me in the dark, in a storm, just for that? I'm not the only one hiding something Barfly."

"Don't call me that. I got a name. Its Lurette. Your Ethreely, right?"

"I'm not sure if I want to be exchanging names with you." I said still standing over her. I tuck a hand out for her to grab, careful not to grip hard enough to crush or hand or give her any clue to my alien strength, "But I can at least help you out of the mud."

I tried to get The Guardians attention last night. He was sitting my one of the ships big round windows that faces west watching while the big storms came in across the mountains. He was sipping coffee. I just stood behind him for a while watching the lightening silhouette his face and body. He has more muscle than the men of ice, but he is a slave.

I stood there for several minutes being as quiet as I could just watching him sip coffee and breath. It made me feel . . . Something. I don't have a name for it. I wanted something I couldn't put my finger on.

I finally walked up to him.

"Do you have any news of Ice or my family Enikk. Ship won't tell me anything."

"Ship is protecting you. Your family no longer lives on the Ice. The ones who are not dead have left the planet like you or are now slaves to the Peasants of the uprising. Ship compared it to something called the "French Revolution" that occurred in Earths history."

"We can never go home, can we?"

"It would probably be wise to concentrate on the present for now Ethreely."

I found myself standing there not knowing what else to say. I knew things on The Ice were bad when we left and I had my doubts about the royal still being together or even being able to return. None of these things were a shock to me. I could only stand here staring at him as the lightening hit his face not knowing what else to say.

Then he looked at me in a way that made my heart seem to stop beating for just a moment.

"I'm sorry Ethreely." he said.

I just stood there with my words stuck in my throat. Then he put his coffee cup down on the window sill, stood up, and put his arms around me. I was crushed up against the warm cotton that covered his chest. I wrapped my arms around him . . . At least I tried to, they wouldn't reach all the way around. I inhaled his scent deeply and I guess he noticed this because he raised my face to his with his hand and looked into my eyes for several minutes and me into his. The light reflecting in my eyes made two round dots on his skin. He leaned down and very very gently touched his lips to mine.

I could died at that moment and been completely satisfied and would have never known why. I also could have melted into a puddle in the floor too. I think I would have if he hadn't wrapped his other arm around me crushing me close to him and then kissed me again, even deeper.

Then he suddenly stopped and let me go.

"Ethreely I'm sorry."

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand. "Why." I said. "I'm not."

"I should not have done that."

"Do you hear me complaining Enikk."

At that moment Ship made the announcement that the evening meal was served and Enikk left the room without a word. He avoided me for the rest of the night. He got up before sunset today and left on the motorcycle. Ship said I am forbidden to leave. She has seen the Barfly on the infrared cameras prowling around on our mountain. I know how to sneak out and I think I may. There is something about the mountains and the woods that helps me clear my head and I need to think.

My Guardian is concerned about the Barfly following me in the woods. I really don't think anyone would believe her if she told them we were Aliens. Guardian told them we were from the city and for some reason they just assumed we were something called a "Yankee". I don't know what that is but none of us bothered to tell them we weren't.

I wasn't all that worried about her, after all the gravity on Gliese is much stronger than here on earth so each one of us has what most Earthlings would call Super Strength. I could probably crush ones bones with one hand, but many of the people here carry guns and I do not think I could out run a bullet. I may venture out anyway. If such a situation had risen on my home planet I would just have one of my servants distract him so I could get away but they seem to be following his orders these days. If I ever get back to Gliese I'm going to have sell all of my servants off and replace them. I should sell the Guardian as well . . But . . . He did save my life. I was on my way to being cut into pieces by Goddess only knows what when he came flying in on an Jelly Horse to rescue me.

I will never forget the way he looked with his honey colored hair flying in the cold night wind when he came charging in on a Jelly Horse and whipped me right out of there clutches and off into the endless night. They were dragging me naked across the ice and I was half frozen. My limbs were so stiff from the cold I never could have gotten away on my own. He opened his furs and clutched my freezing body to his chest to keep me warm enough to survive while he searched for the hidden tunnels that held the royal escape ships. My servants were already there waiting for us.
He brought us all here to this place.

He has been distant since that night. I would like to be able to forget how it felt and smelled to be held so tightly against him as we rode through the icy darkness. I have found myself wishing I was in danger again just so I could have the chance to be clutched against his chest again.

That damn woman who gave us the chickens must be up to something. The people in town call her a Barfly because she is always picking up men at bars and having them pay her bills. Since fly's are insects that are attracted to smelly things I guess calling her a bar fly means she is like an insect attracted to smelly things at bar's. I have taken to walking in the forest at night and I know she is following me She cannot possible suspect anything. . . Can She? So I only come out when the light is dim or absent and my complexion is slightly blue and my hair almost white. Last evening it was cold and raining and while I prefer ice to rain I still miss the cold terrible. I slipped into one of my sparkling, flowing, princess gowns and put a crown of moon crystal in my hair and took to the trail.

Everything was dark, silvery, and beautiful . . . and wet. My hem was soon waterlogged and dragging the ground. I didn't care though. I was really enjoying myself when I caught site of her watching me. I immediately headed back to the ship and I am sure that she followed. I can't even begin to imagine what SHE was doing out there in the cold and the rain unless it was to spy on me. Humans aren't supposed to like the cold and the rain. Right??

Its been another day without seeing much more of the sky than those gray clouds that keep covering it. I miss the stars even if they are not the stars of my own planet. Those damn chickens the neighbor brought are are getting on my nerves. There noisy and they smell. I suggested to the servants that they find somewhere further down the mountain to put there pen so we don't have to hear or smell them but the servants have told me it puts them at greater risk of wildcats. Perhaps I can ask the advice of some of the local farmers. Maybe if I talk to the old men they won't think I am quiet so strange.

I should invite the Guardian in with me tonight. I could use some company and the servants don't make the greatest conversation. I really must start doing something to keep me occupied in this strange place. My life is dull and boring and I need to do something interesting. The guardian thinks there are some very strange humans in this town. He says some of them cast spells like the Witches of my home planets and some of theme even drink the blood of there own species and never die. He says humans like this are very rare on this planet and its strange to see them congregating together in such a place. Now we have added our alien selves to the mix. There must be something strange about this place that has caused so many people to come together like this.

Its raining in the mountains tonight. There is lightening in the sky and loud booming thunder as well as large volumes of water falling from the sky. Its strange because it does not rain in Ice. It only snows and it does not do that much of the time. There was fog this morning too. It was kind of pretty though. Although the rain is strange I have found it to be very peaceful as well. I have a long night to look forward to with nothing to do. Maybe I will sneak away from my guardian tonight and take a walk in this cool wet weather. I do think the cold water hitting my skin would be rather stimulating.

Its nearly dawn here in the Ozarks. The night is cool on my skin and full sounds. I'll be going to bed soon. Its been a long dull night. We've been watching TV most of the night. I guess there aren't enough people awake on this planet at night to bother playing anything on interest. I did watch a rather sad movie about a bunch of young women who dance on poles on a stage and took there clothes off. Right now I am watching a movie called "Queen of the Damned" while waiting for my morning meal to cook. Were having fried plant roots called Potatoes and cooked chicken Embryo's.

One of the towns people here brought us a whole bunch of chickens. She insisted that she had hatched to many and thought we "city folk" might enjoy trying to raise chickens and eggs for ourselves. The darn things are crowing outside right now. I hope they stop soon.

I think it had more to do with trying to get a better look at me. I stayed behind Enikk and did not speak other than to say thank-you but she kept trying to peek around him to get a better look. But I think it obvious to everyone here that my ladies in waiting and my Guardian are here to serve me instead of being friends as Enikk has tried to tell everyone. I also look very different from most people on this planet. Enikk and the others are half breed or from the light side of the planet and have the same coloring as humans here do . . . but I do not. My complexion is a lot like people on this planet that are Albino but not nearly as pink. Its actually tinged slightly blue. My eyes are pale ice blue and because my kind have lived in darkness for so long they have developed the ability to reflect light and allow my kind to have knight vision. My hair is very long, nearly to my knees and my eyes are the same silvery, pale, blue gray as the ice at night.

This weekend at the Bike Rally in Hots Springs that "The Guardian" forced me to attend I learned about something called "Pole Dancing" I can home and found this video on Youtube. I really really want to learn how to do this. I'm not sure if its how beautiful they look on the pole or the way the men watch them.

I have already had "Ship" order me a pole to learn to dance with.

I also learned that the person riding on the back of the motorcycle is called "The Bitch" which is another name for a female dog. While I had a very good time riding on the back of the motorcycle I do have a problem with being called a female dog. I will have to decide if I dislike being called a "Bitch" more than I enjoy riding on the back of a motorcycle.

While I didn't want to go in the beginning I did have quiet a good time. It was nice to be able to get away from the ship and the isolation of the mountains and see some of the other things Earth has to offer.

Night has fallen on these strange mountains again. I am sitting in my bedroom watching a movie called "The Beverly Hillbillies" while my servants and bodyguard Enikk pack for a trip we are taking to a place called Hot Springs. Enikk has gotten attached to a device called a motorcycle and there having some sort of "Rally" there over the next few days for earthlings who ride them and he insists that I go with him. I guess it would be for the best. Its not wise for us to be apart.

I do miss my home planet. I will have to talk about it a little bit later this evening. I really do not have much else to do, but now I have to check and make sure there packing the appropriate things. According to Enikk my long gowns are not appropriate for riding on the back of such devices.

According to the man at the fueling station not far from here it was not a very hot day for this time of gear at all but its still much hotter than I like. I truly wish my Guardian would have chosen a cooler part of the planet to land our ship but he insists that were less likely to be discovered here. According to the ships computer the cooler part of this planets year is approaching. The leaves on the trees are supposed to change colors.

The leaves on the day side of Gliese are colored all of the time. Our orange sun does not provide them with enough light to create the stuff that makes the leaves on the plants of Earth green. We people of the ice did not travel to the day side of the planet because the bright light of the sun is so hard on our eyes. The light here is hard on my eyes to but as time has passed we have begun to adjust. We still cannot go out during the heat of the day but we can venture out when the sun is low in the sky. We sleep most of the day.

I was a princess on the planet which scientists of Earth call Gliese 581d. My planet does not spin like Earth does. Its always sunny on one side and always night on the other. I come from the nice side of the planet or as we called it in English simply "Ice". I was the daughter of a king there and lived in tall pointy castle made of ice. I had a happy life full of luxuries there. Then the peasants of the kingdom attacked. Ice peasants are a nasty bunch of igloo dwellers who eat the same Jelly Horses they ride on as well as many other light bearing creatures from the Snow Deserts they live on. I guess we should have been kinder to them of we would not be hiding on Earth now. I am told that they continue to hunt for my location and the location of the other Royals who fled from ice. I can only hope that they will not find me here.

Its much hotter on this planet than I am used to and I am having a difficult time adjusting to the bright yellow sun that shines on us once every earth rotation but I am adjusting. We feel safe enough in our new home to venture out and meet the inhabitants of Earth Now. I didn't think our journey could get much stranger . . . I was wrong.